She’s numerous things in accordance along with her cousin, in addition to a love for “prettyful” pests, viruses, and you may slime

She’s numerous things in accordance along with her cousin, in addition to a love for “prettyful” pests, viruses, and you may slime

Lillian Marie Jillian DeVille are a central reputation in the fresh new Rugrats Show and its spin off show All Grown!. Lil is Phil’s earlier twin sister as well as the girl away from Howard and you can Betty DeVille. The woman is voiced of the Kath Soucie.


Lil DeVille existence nearby to the Pickles together with her dual sibling Phil. These types of prominent interests never prevent her regarding entering ongoing fights that have your, although not, and you will will listen to their arguing, “No it’s just not, Phillip!”, whenever she disagrees which have some thing he says. Lil is definitely upwards for a great excitement, and you may meets all problem with an excellent in her nappy and a smile. – Rugrats Malfunction regarding Klasky Csupo

It absolutely was Lil DeVille’s family exactly who inspired the lady to assert their liberty and you may escape of your place she informed her sister Phil. Of course, its grounds was in fact predicated on prominence: it enjoyed Lil, however, imagine the girl aunt is actually disgusting. But are a dual, Lil wound up keeping right up to have Phil and you can leaving one crowd in support of are loyal so you’re able to the girl aunt. Aside from the undeniable fact that it now dress differently, Lil has continued to develop a few other quirks that produce the girl far unlike the woman aunt. For one thing, the woman is a while superstitious, dressed in fortunate hats and shoes she feels can assist the lady would well towards screening in school. – All of the Grown up! Description off Klasky Csupo


Lil and her aunt Phil is twins who happen to be alike from inside the just about every possible way. Usually clothed to suit, both wear pink shirts having black pinstripes and you will turquoise clothing (Phil wears a top and you may Lil wears overalls) that have an excellent handkerchief for the remaining front and you will an effective duck on the the right, and you may each other has actually a little bit of brown tresses on top of the unusually-designed brains. Lil wears pink sneakers, a pink bend for her hair with no shorts (exposing her diaper similar to Tommy Pickles), and that’s always removed with ear canal lobes. Lil is actually found become older than Phil by a few moments and you can envision by herself “prettyful”. Lil and you will Phil including express an identical welfare: drinking worms (which they features categorised as “Chocolate Pasta”), insects, and you can restroom drinking water. In the Rugrats Wade Crazy, Lil gave up dining insects, and you will she is taken care of them just after seeing a rose eat an effective dragonfly. Due to this, she tells Phil never to consume them too. They often times use the complete earliest brands, Phillip and you may Lillian, up against each other whenever arguing or speaking with each other, or hurtful Tommy Pickles. The parents, Betty and you may Howard, have a tendency to confuse both despite long lasting variations, just like their ears, its genders, and you can Lil’s bend.


Lil’s a woman infant, she has peach facial skin, and you may a pair of white-eyes that have quick black colored college students, a little bit of teeth. She wears a green shirt having black pinstripes, a great turquoise top (having a white handkerchief toward left top and you may a reddish duck off to the right), white ankle-length clothes and you may green shoes. The smoothness enjoys a little bit of brownish locks that have an excellent green ribbon on top, always combed off. She will not wear jeans, jeans otherwise whatever dresses around her gown, presenting white diaper, just like the way Tommy and Kimi establish the diapers. Inside Rugrats Go Insane, she wears a green sailor top inside the same design once the her full top, a white undershirt that have a green stripe, and a light sailor hat. Ages after, locks got lengthened. Into the Season 1, she got a bow or rose in her own locks, in Season dos and you may ahead, she’s a highlight within her hair, which can be seen in brand new color red, reddish, bluish, otherwise reddish. The lady attire are very different on the All the Grown! Show, however, she always wears an extended-sleeved top from varying tone, usually blue, reddish, otherwise pink, trousers otherwise a skirt, and you will large-ideal footwear. For the “The Growed Upwards”, she left the woman pink bend and dressed in a red small-sleeved jacket more than an eco-friendly t-top with a red duck involved, a blue wristband, a bluish skirt, and you will green shoes. In the 1st partners episodes of all of the Grown up!, the girl coat try purple, the woman undershirt try light, her top are red, and her ribbon and you can bracelet was red.  She later on switched to a yellow rose inside her locks, a red enough time-sleeved blouse, light-blue shorts that have X’s in it, and you will brown shoes.

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